How to find a good car accident lawyer

Posted on : May 23, 2016, By:  Law Firm Team     Posted in : Car Accident

Were you involved in a car accident? Then you need to find a good car accident lawyer to represent you. Here are a few steps to follow to ensure you get a good lawyer:

Online research

Forget about calling the first number on a brochure that was handed to you. Hop online and search for car accident lawyers in your area. Different states have different laws and regulations about car accidents and you want to make sure that you are partnering with someone who is close by, so location is key.

Referrals and testimonials

Ask your colleagues and friends if they’ve ever hired a car accident lawyer and ask them about their experience with the lawyer. Check out the lawyer’s website to see if they have any written testimonials from past clients or contact the lawyer and ask for past clients’ numbers so that you can contact them directly.

Passion about your case

You don’t want a lawyer that takes on each and every car accident claim that comes their way. Ask the attorney how they usually determine which clients they partner with so that you can make sure they have faith in your case and your ability to win the case. Pay careful attention to the questions they ask you and how interested they seem in any police reports, evidence or medical reports that you provide them. Hiring a passionate, driven lawyer is the best investment that you can make in yourself and in your case.

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