Bed Bug Lawyers Near Me

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Bed Bug Lawyers Helping Clients Nationwide

Our bed bug lawyers near me have the skill, knowledge and resources necessary to help you obtain compensation as the result of being bitten by bed bugs. In most situations we can resolve your claim without the need to file a bed bug lawsuit, but in some cases the responsible party is not reasonable and we must file a lawsuit. We never charge any attorney fees or costs unless we make a recovery for you. We work with top bed bug experts, medical professionals, and pest control experts in order to prove your claim.

Bed Bug Lawyers Near Me

Bed Bug Lawyers Near Me

Liability :-

Under the law of bed bug bites are regarded as serious injuries in the same fashion as an injury resulting from an auto accident or slip and fall. As such, hotels have a liability for bed bugs in their hotel room and victims of these bites have the right to file  lawsuits in the court of law against all at fault (liable) parties which may include hotel owners, managers, staff and their insurance carriers.

Hotel bed bug lawsuit – How to sue a hotel for giving you bed bugs

Steps you need To take after discovery of a bed bug infestation in your hotel room: Below are several important steps that should be taken if you suspect bed bugs in your hotel room.

1. Accumulate evidence of the infestation: Evidence that should be accumulated can include pictures of bed bugs in the mattress of the bed, furniture, carpeting and walls. Also take pictures of the bite marks you have experienced. Ask the hotel manager to send a representative to the room so that they can notate the issue. Ask for a copy of the report.

2. Seek medical attention: Bed bug bites are more dangerous than most people realize. Bites may result in keloid (permanent) scarring, and serious bacterial and viral infections. Medical care will greatly enhance your chances of reducing serious secondary medical health complications always take help of Bed Bug Lawyers Near Me,

3. Contact the local county health department: Ask the local county health and sanitation department to visit the site and ask them for a copy of the report.

4. Contact the hotel management and file an injury report. Obtain all pertinent information. This includes hotel manager’s name, and their direct phone number or email address. Also, inquire about when (on what date) the room was last inspected and cleaned, and names of the cleaning company or cleaning staff. In addition, contact the county health and sanitation department.

5. Speak with a bed bug lawyer and seek legal consultation: The vast majority of personal injury attorneys are not aware of the complexities involved in litigation against hotels, long term stay hotels and motels for bed bugs. Seek legal advice from our law firm that has a well established reputation of litigation against hotels for bed bug infestations. Our bed bug lawyers specialize in this field.

Bed Bug Attorneys

Bed Bug Lawyers Near Me Attorneys have been successful assisting clients seeking compensation for pain and suffering in addition to the above damages. A good lawyer will thoroughly investigate your Bed Bug incident and work with Bed Bug experts in order to prove the property owner was at fault. Bed Bug liability on the part of a commercial business can be difficult to establish and property owners may have defenses which can prohibit any recovery. You need the experienced Bed Bug lawyers to maximize your chances of recovery and compensation.

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Should I Consult an Attorney about a Bed Bug Injury?

Bed bug liability can be difficult to establish. Additionally, there may be defenses which can bar recovery. An experienced personal injury attorney can help explain the law and set up your case contact us now.

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