Bed Bug Lawsuit Apartment

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If You Suffered Bed Bug Injuries While Renting A House Or Apartment, Can I Sue The Landlord Or Property Owner?

Generally, the answer is yes. Not only can the landlord /property owner be liable, but here may also be a management company and extermination company which could be liable as well. Our bed bug lawsuit apartment law is one such legal theory that a victim of a bed bug infestation or attack can sue his/her landlord. bed bug lawsuit apartment cases occurs if the landlord or property owner does something, or in the case of bed bug law suits or claims fails to provide a service the landlord has a legal duty to provide that renders the property uninhabitable, the tenant may terminate the lease and seek damages.

Bed Bug Lawsuit Apartment

Bed Bug Lawsuit Apartment

Liability for Bed Bugs in Hotel Rooms

Hotel owners and managers owe a general duty to their hotel guests under common law to provide a place of residence that is free from all known and knowable dangers including infestations of bed bugs. Several state and local sanitary laws and ordinances have been put in place over the past few years in order to protect the rights of hotel room guests from bed bug infestations.

Under the law of bed bug bites are regarded as serious injuries in the same fashion as an injury resulting from an auto accident or slip and fall. As such, hotels have a liability for bed bugs in their hotel room and victims of these bites have the right to file Bed Bug Lawsuit Apartment lawsuits near me in the court of law against all at fault (liable) parties which may include hotel owners, managers, staff and their insurance carriers.

You may be able to sue your landlord for:

1.lost or damaged property—for example, bedding ruined by bed bugs.

2. costs of moving to a new rental and any additional rent you had to pay for the new (comparable) rental.

3. compensation for personal injuries—including pain and suffering caused by the bed bugs.

4. health problems associated with bed bugs your attorney fees and court costs, if you had to hire a lawyer to sue the landlord.

What Type of Compensation is Available for Hotel Room Guests Bitten My Bed Bugs?

Victims of personal injury caused by the intentional, wrongful or negligent actions of hotel owners and operators have the right to compensation for all harms suffered. Types of damages where an injured individual is able to receive compensation are as follows…

1. All medical and emergency room expenses
2. Future cost of medical care including rehabilitation and cosmetic surgery to eliminate the presence of keloid scarring.
3. Pain and suffering arising from bed bug infestation bites – including development of post traumatic stress.
4. Property damage – including infested clothing and luggage.
5. Recovery for lost time at work and loss of future income due to long term disability.

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